Therapy Cat Brings Terminally Ill Patients The Most Precious Gift

Meet Duke Ellington Morris! A therapy cat that loves to visit his friends at the hospital, patients who are terminally ill. He takes a sad situation and helps distract them from their pain and suffering.


Animals are really good at that! After I had brain surgery, a therapy dog, named Ginger, visited the neuro-surgery ward. We all had the pleasure of getting sloppy kisses and a furry head resting on our beds, waiting for pets. It went a long way, after dealing with such a painful procedure. Her doggy smile made me smile, in spite of going through so much!


Like Ginger, Duke Ellington Morris brings joy to a place where joy is a powerful medicine. Cat purrs can actually be calming, and lower blood pressure.


What do you think about therapy animals? Would you want one to come visit you if you were sick in the hospital?

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