Viral Videos Show Ducks Quickly Changing Their Mind Once They Touch Snow

Ducks are quite cute, especially when they walk with a little waddle.

Because of this adorable trait, a video featuring a hoard of ducks has made it to viral fame on social media.

The hilarious video shows the feathered flock running outside into the snow only to change their minds and return back to the warmth of home.

Photo: Twitter / DickKingSmith

It’s a very understandable move – nobody likes to be cold.

The duck video was quite popular on Twitter and we can see why. What is better than a bunch of adorable ducks waddling around in the snow? The clip has garnered thousands of views as well as plenty of comments from the public.

Photo: Twitter / DickKingSmith

Most of the comments were about how cute it was the little ducks all came to the same conclusion: it was too cold to properly enjoy the outdoors. One person even joked, “You can actually hear them quack, ‘WTAF?’ before they turn around.” And we totally agree. There is no way these little ducks were willing to brave the cold.

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Watch the video below:

What I love about the video is the way the ducks wave their little tails before they turn around and rush back inside while flapping their wings. Even though they all ran back inside, there were a few stragglers that seemed to be confused as to why the rest of them were running back inside. But eventually, either peer pressure or the cold got to them as well.

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