Neglected Ducks Living In Confinement See Water For The First Time

When it is raining outside and puddles are forming, you can hardly have a conversation without someone saying that it’s “nice weather for ducks.” After all, our feathered friends are at home in the water and if they don’t have water nearby, they aren’t living like ducks.

Unfortunately, there are ducks that don’t get the opportunity to have a nice swim. Those birds are sometimes kept in cages, facing a life of being neglected or perhaps even abused. You could hardly call those small cages home, but it is the life that too many ducks have to live.

Life was bad for the ducks that we see in the video below. They had lived the majority of their lives in confined cages, not having the chance to splash around in the water. Those two dozen ducks were the victims of a hoarder, but they were about to get a break of a lifetime.

Photo: YouTube / Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

Although their lives started out difficult, it wasn’t going to stay that way for long. Those ducks were rescued and their rescuers knew exactly what they needed. They rushed them from their cages to a pond where they could splash around in the water while some loving people were there. If there were any problems with the ducks, they were also cared for right then and there.

It’s amazing to see these ducks swimming around and playing. What is even more amazing is that they had lived their entire life without it.

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