What Do You Get When You Add A Giant Dog And 200 Ducklings? A Perfect Video!

200 adorable, fluffy ducklings are now pawfectly safe because they have the sweetest, and biggest, dog looking after them. Dug may be HUGE but he’s aware that precious things can come in small packages. From the start, he took to the ducklings and watched over them like a parent would. This required no training whatsoever.

I have been around all types of dogs during my lifetime. None are quite like Dug. Hmmm. I wonder if he will love these ducklings when they grow up too…

Did you love this video like I do? GOOD! Here’s another one that’ll make you smile from ear to ear! Titon, the most adorable Bulldog, is sleeping soundly and his human couldn’t help but capture it on camera, knowing good well this would totally make viewers melt. And laugh. And fall in love with Bulldogs even more! His expression is downright hilarious. I wonder what Titon is dreaming about… Maybe a fun day in the sun? A giant bowl of treats? Hmmm, whatever it is, he looks pretty darn content. Meet him by clicking here!

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