Woman Brings Eggs Home From The Grocery Store And Hatches A Duckling

If you were to bring a duck egg home from the grocery store, it is typically with the thought of making some type of meal with it.

For Adele Phillips, a 28-year-old woman in the UK, an entirely different option came to mind.

Phillips is somebody who loves TikTok, and she does what she can to keep up with the latest. After bringing a duck egg home from the grocery store, she decided to incubate the egg and see if it would hatch.

Photo: flickr/Michele Dorsey Walfred

It happened when she purchased 12 free-range duck eggs from a local store. According to her interview with Newsflair, they were kept in a cardboard box while an incubator was on order.

After the incubator arrived, she did some research online to find out if they were fertile or not.

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She told Wales Online that it was possible to shine a torch on the egg to see if they were fertile. If you saw veins on the inside, then you had an opportunity to hatch it. There was only one egg with veins, so she kept it and got rid of the rest.

Photo: flickr/Chandra Marsono

It took a lot of TLC to hatch the egg, as she had to turn it three times a day and keep the temperature at an acceptable level. In the back of her mind, she hoped it would work but she was still surprised when the duckling came out of the shell. Everyone thought she was insane, but suddenly, everything came into focus.

The New York Post said that Phillips noticed something “pecking little holes through the shell,” something that she learned from a duck page on Facebook.

Photo: flickr/RobinzRabbit

It took two days for the duckling to come out of the shell, but on April 29, duckling Braddock Morris became a new member of the family.

She shared on Facebook, “Welcome to the world Braddock Morris the duckling from a free range Morrisons duck egg, well worth the 30 days of anxiety he’s here all safe, what an experiment that was and I can’t beleive we actually did it.”

Photo: Facebook/Adele Phillips

She even got Beryl, a second duckling, so Morris wouldn’t be lonely.

It was an interesting experiment and one that turned out for the best, but now Phillips isn’t sure if she will eat eggs again. I guess I can understand that.

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