Whale Breaches Near Surfers In Australia And It Was All Caught On Camera By A Drone

There are many amazing things to see in the world around us, but if you ever had the opportunity to see whales in the ocean, it’s both incredible and somewhat humbling. Those friendly animals can be seen from far away, but sometimes, we get to see them up close and personal.

That is what recently happened in Australia when surfers were caught off guard after a whale and her calf came into the area. The footage was captured by Thom Van Mil on his drone. He heard that the animals were at Manley Beach in New South Wales, so he rushed to the area to capture the footage.

“We kind of live on the beach and received a phone call that some whales came very close. So I grabbed my drone and ran to the beach where it all happened,” Van Mil explained.

Van Mill reported on Instagram that they were Southern Right Whales. He also said that the adult female could be up to 55 feet long.

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“There were loads of surfers close to the whales and it looked like the calf wanted to play with the surfers,” he recalled.

It seems as if the mother whale was a little nervous about the calf getting so close to the surfers so she swung her tail around and swiped a few of them. A diver even sat on the back of the whale, but he feels that they all got to close.

When he saw the footage first, he knew that he was witnessing something special.

As you can imagine, the footage has spread around the world and has even reached the Netherlands, where he and his partner are from.

“Especially in our home country it was a big thing,” Van Mil said of the overnight hype. “Right now to be honest, we are very proud of the footage we have.”

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