Drone Finds German Shepherd Puppy Lost For Over Three Days In Cold Adirondack Forest

Drones are popping up everywhere and for many good reasons. The aerial vehicles are able to capture stunning aerial photos, deliver goods, and most importantly help in search and rescue.

When a 4-month-old German shepherd puppy named Max went missing, his concerned dad, Ryan, posted about his best pal online and all the normal avenues. After three days, Ryan was becoming more worried as the puppy was out in the freezing cold woods of the Adirondack forest without shelter or food.

He reached out to Chad Tavernia, founder of North Country Drone Search & Recovery, who uses a thermal drone to help find missing pets. The drone pilot made sure his Matrice 30T thermal drone (called Maverick) was fully charged and headed to Ellenburg to try and find the lost pup.

Photo: Facebook/North Country Drone Search & Recovery

The Adirondack Park in New York covers millions of acres filled with dense trees which makes it extremely difficult to find a missing pet. However, a thermal drone is able to search a vast area in a short amount of time and is very successful at finding lost pets.

Photo: North Country Drone Search & Recovery

After searching for 45 minutes, Max was found alive! Tavernia posted on his Facebook page about the rescue and said, “Maverick located Max curled up, bedded at the base of some trees in a very dense area of the forest… Through telephone coordination I was able to guide Ryan into the woods and straight to Max, who I could tell was incredibly happy to see his owner as he leaped into his arms… Man it sure does feel great to reunite Ryan & Max.”

He was able to capture the special moment when Ryan was reunited with his best friend in the snowy forest with the drone. Many people were brought to tears by the reunion. One viewer from Texas wrote, “Crying my eyes out. This rescue has touched every single person and dog lover to the depths of our souls. The gift you gave to this man & his pup is priceless. As a GSD owner, it really hits home. Thank you for what you’re doing.” Check it out here.

Tavernia is reuniting people with their pets and is definitely a hero. He is glad that drone recovery is getting the attention it deserves and appreciates all the kind words and support. Since finding Max, he has already successfully helped a local family locate their missing 12-year-old shepherd, another family find two missing beagles, and many more.

Anyone searching for a lost pet is encouraged to reach out to him for help. Even if he is unable to assist, he will put you in contact with another drone pilot who may be able to help.

When he isn’t rescuing lost pets, he uses his drone to capture stunning photos of the wildlife and scenery of the Adirondack Park. Be sure to follow North Country Drone Search & Recovery on Facebook for more photos and rescue stories.

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