Man Uses Drone To Find And Rescue Animals Trapped In Disaster Zones

Aerial cinematographer Douglas Thron is one of the world’s most experienced drone pilots. While he initially used his drone to film for news and media, he eventually got the idea to search for and rescue missing animals.

According to his website, Thron “has used his cutting-edge infrared drone all over the world to save animals and pets after fires, floods, and hurricanes.”

While following disasters is emotionally challenging, his work in helping find and save animals is invaluable.

Photo: Pixabay/tomasvl

One of his rescue missions took him to Australia to assist in finding animals in the aftermath of the wildfires.

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While there, he was able to use his drone to locate and save dozens of koala bears, including juveniles. He said, “My hope is that one day these infrared drones will be used frequently for animal rescues.”

He’s also saved numerous dogs from different disaster sites, such as in the Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian.

In a video shared on YouTube, Thron explained, “While delivering aid and filming the destruction in an effort to bring public awareness, I spotted numerous dogs and cats with my drones and quickly realized this was the most effective way of finding these poor animals before it’s too late.”

The work Thron is doing is invaluable. Hopefully others can be trained to use infrared drones in the same manner and more animals can be saved.

You can learn more about Thron’s work on his website, or follow him on Instagram and YouTube to see more.

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