He Would Do Anything For Love, But He Won’t Do That!

When it comes to LOVE, most of us would do anything, right? We will share almost anything. Our clothes (you know you love wearing your boyfriend’s tee shirts), your favorite side of the bed (you’ll give that up too if it comes down to it). You will even share your food! If they nudge you enough! Like please, I was totally going to eat those fries ’til your grubby paws took them!

But then, there are times where you just have to draw the line. Even when you love each other. Even if that line is invisible, it is there, and they are NOT ALLOWED to cross it.

Watch as Doug the Pug and his buddy share a precious moment eating ice cream together. It’s like these two are so in sync. But as soon as Doug pushes the whole sharing thing too far, well, let’s just say he gets the cold shoulder. Or the cold paw. Or whatever you want to call it.

I guess when it comes to puppy love, all is pretty pawfect, until is isn’t! LOL!

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