Doug The Pug Visits Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital To Spread Lots Of (Healing) Love

Doug the Pug is seriously my hero! Watch as he visits Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital in Nashville. Each child is greeted by a happy faced pup that also has inspirational signs he wears and then gives to the kids. You can see their faces light up, it’s really the sweetest thing! Doug is giving them some much needed support. These kids are such warriors!

If you aren’t already a dog lover, a video like this one is bound to convert you! Doug wags his tail and has this doggy smile that puts a smile on each kid’s face. And boy, do they deserve to smile!

As a parent of both human kids and animals, I can honestly say they are a wonderful combination. When my youngest son is sick, he insists on sleeping with our dog, Paisley. And she happily lies beside him for as long as he needs. One time he had a high fever and Paisley was noticeably worried. She didn’t leave his side for days! She would go out and eat quickly but then return right back to his bedside. It was extremely moving.

Aren’t dogs amazing?

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