Why You Shouldn’t Put Your Dog’s Name On Their ID Tag

Being a pet owner is more than having an animal in your home, it is wanting to care for them in the best way possible. This includes keeping them safe, and there are some amazing ways to do so in today’s technologically advanced world.

Between microchips, smartphone apps, and GPS it seems like we have all of our bases covered. Although you may have everything in place, having a pet identification tag is something you would not want to forget.

If you are interested in getting an ID tag for your furry friend, you probably thought about purchasing one with a cute shape and their name on it. That may not be the best idea, however, because anyone who finds your pets will know their name and will have some built-in familiarity. Although it may help if the person wants to do the right thing, it may serve the purpose of those who want to do the wrong thing as well.

Photo: Pixabay

According to a certified dog trainer named Mychelle Blake with
the Pet Health Network, there are some options to consider for a pet ID tag that are perfectly safe. You can include the following:

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1. Your address

2. Let them know your pet is microchipped.

3. A cell phone number

4. Add a personal message, such as “Please take me home, my family is worried”

Although our hope is that our pets will never wander off, it’s always nice to be prepared in case it should happen.

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