Woman Finds Abandoned Baby Boar In A Box And Gives It A Second Chance At Life

What do you do when you find a tiny, abandoned boar in a box? If you’re Dora Ngai, you offer it a forever home!

Dora is a vlogger who lives with her boyfriend in Sri Lanka with their four rescue dogs and the newest addition to the family: Yezhu, a wild boar.

The little boar appeared Dora’s garden in a cardboard box, according to The Dodo.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The little boar was only a few hours old and Dora knew it wouldn’t survive long if she didn’t take it in. Of course, taking care of a newborn animal is no easy feat, and Dora and her boyfriend were in for many challenges. However, they committed to saving the tiny boar, who they named Yezhu, and doing what needed to be done to give her the best life possible.

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Their life together started out rough. In her interview with The Dodo, Dora recalled how she initially fed the little boar cow’s milk, but it only made Yezhu sick and weak. She didn’t know what else to do, and everyone around her basically told her to give up.

But, despite the challenges, Dora continued working to care for poor Yezhu and introduced puppy milk replacer into her diet. The tiny piglet seemed to take well to that, and began to grow and get stronger.

Dora and her boyfriend alternated shifts, staying up all night to feed Yezhu every single hour. It took four weeks of intensive care, but Yezhu finally grew big enough to gain a bit of independence – and allow her new parents to get some sleep.

Because the little pig is blind in one eye, she can’t be released back into the wild.

So, Dora and her boyfriend are giving her a permanent home to live out her life, right alongside their four dogs.

You can follow Dora on Instagram, @dora2go, to keep up with them.

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