Dog Trembled With Fear At Rural Shelter Hoping Someone Would Come Rescue Her

Time was running out for a terrified dog at a rural shelter in New York. Dora Lee trembled with fear inside her kennel and only wanted to find a loving home. An animal rescue made a desperate plea for someone to come forward to adopt her and save her life.

Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs heard about Dora Lee and could not let her die. With only a few days left to save her life, the rescue posted, “From the looks of it, Dora Lee has never had anyone comfort her in her lifetime.. SHE needs much more than pity now. She is stuck and beside herself terrified in a tiny rural shelter. The only way we can get her out by Monday morning is if a foster or an adopter steps up for her. She is a year old and both dog and cat-friendly.”

Hundreds of people commented and donated to help save her life, but one man did more than that. He was one of the 3 dozen people that applied for Dora Lee. With delight the rescue posted, “On Friday we posted DORA LEE who had until Monday to find placement. She was terrified at a small rural shelter and we needed to get her out ASAP. Well, thanks to all of you, we received 3 dozen applications and it took us 48hrs to do the app, interview, home visit and references, she is adopted! Currently she is on medical hold at Dr. Terry’s for 2 weeks until she is cleared to travel to her new home.”

Photo: Facebook/Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs

Dora Lee was cleared for travel and delivered to her new dad in Brooklyn, New York. “I personally took her off the Grateful Doggies transport bus on Saturday and handed her off to her new dad. Be sure to say hi to them if you live in Brooklyn NY. Have fun with your dad Dora Lee!”

All dogs and cats deserve loving forever homes. Unfortunately, millions of dogs and cats are alone and scared in shelters wondering if they will ever find a home. Adopt don’t shop!

Take a look at Dora Lee before and after.

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