Caring Donkey Tries To Save Owner From A Fire

Sometimes, we really don’t deserve animals. They might not speak the same languages that we do, but nevertheless, there is plenty of feeling and emotional depth to the animals who share our space.

We shouldn’t underestimate the amount of kindness and compassion that animals are capable of displaying towards others.

It’s really just a reminder that we should appreciate our animals, as they will often exert these traits in an effort to help us when they perceive us to be in danger. One video perfectly illustrates that.

Photo: Max Pixel

The video below shows a heroic little donkey trying to save his owner. The emotion behind it is quite heartwarming and will give you all the feels.

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In the video, the owner is crossing through a field where the donkey is. However, there is also a bonfire going. While the fire rages and is not posing an immediate threat, the donkey is not taking any chances.

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

He approaches his owner, making a fuss as though trying to convey the danger of the nearby flames.

In the footage, the donkey’s owner can be heard trying to reassure him over and over again that he has nothing to worry about.

Photo: YouTube/ViralSnare Rights Management

The fire is under control and she won’t get hurt, but the donkey still doesn’t want her walking too close to the fire. In fact, the donkey protests every time she tries to take a step forward in the direction of the bonfire.

He does it all while making little hawing noises. It is quite sweet. The little donkey even encircles his owner as though trying to redirect her every time she takes a step forward.

That is true concern and it is quite wholesome to witness.

Check it out below:

What do you think of this donkey’s actions? Is he a hero? Let us know!

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