A Donkey And Her Owner Reunite After Spain Eases Their Lockdown

Ismael Fernandez lives in Malaga, Spain. His country was hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that he spent months in lockdown – unable to visit his beloved donkey.

Spain actually had one of the strictest quarantine measures among all the countries in Europe. However, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has recently begun lifting certain restrictions to the lockdown and the country is expected to get to a new normal by the end of June.

The lifting of restrictions meant that Fernandez was finally able to leave his home and visit his donkey, Baldomera, who had been staying in El Borge.

It was the first time that he’d seen the animal since the lockdown restrictions went into place. The touching reunion was caught on camera, and it was so moving to watch as the little donkey raced through a field into order to see him – she was “her-hawing” the entire time.

Speaking of their reunion, Fernandez said that he was so nervous on his journey to El Borge, worried that the donkey wouldn’t recognize him.

He was relieved to find that the donkey had not forgotten him at all – in fact, she was delighted to see him and the entire reunion was quite emotional.

Photo: Piqsels

Ismael was gifted Baldomera by his dad two years ago as a retirement present – as he had always dreamed of having a donkey – and he said he loves her conditionally.

Fernandez said, “I am not ashamed that you hear me crying [in the video] because it was a demonstration of unconditional love. Baldomera was kind of crying too when she saw me getting upset. It was the most touching moment I have ever experienced.”

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It definitely was a tender moment for the two. During the entire pandemic lockdown, Baldomera was in good hands. Fernandez had a brother who was spending his lockdown in a house in the rural area nearby and he was able to take care of Baldomera for Fernandez. But now that the restrictions have been lifted a bit, Fernandez is able to freely travel to care for his donkey – something that the two of them must be thrilled about.

Watch the video of the emotional reunion below:

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