Young Girl Hailed A Hero For Saving Kitten Dumped In A Donation Bin

Christy Tinsley was getting ready to donate some clothes in a local donation bin when suddenly her whole world turned upside down!

A little girl named Christy Tinsley is being hailed a (super) hero for rescuing a tiny kitten that was dumped in a donation bin. She was ready to put her bag of clothes into the chute when suddenly she heard meowing. She ran to her parents for help.

The fire department was called in, and with their efforts, the kitten was saved. The young lady said, “We were going to go to the Family Dollar that’s over there to get a net and lower me down into it to get him.” Luckily, her parents had a better idea.


Now, the kitten is safe and sound. The best part… the Tinsley family decided to adopt him!


It doesn’t end any better than this! Jones, the kitten’s new name, will never have to worry about being unwanted ever again!

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