Pug Puppy Went Missing, Then Woman Heard Squeals Coming From An Underground Pipe…

A Pug puppy fell through a funnel in a property in Guaira, southeast Brazil, and eventually got stuck inside a water pipe.

Monica Kawahisa Yoshioka noticed that the pup was missing when she went out to feed him and his mom. She then heard a squealing noise coming from the ground, and knew the puppy was in trouble.

The puppy, named Donatello, had been trapped in the pipe, which was being repaired, for six hours. Monica tried to get Donatello to come out of the pipe, but he was stuck and unable to move on his own.

She contacted the Sao Paulo Municipal Civil Guards for help. It turned into a two-hour rescue which involved smashing holes in the floor and then using a garden hose to push him forward through one hole while Monica reached in another hole to get the pup.

Thankfully Donatello was saved and unharmed! Watch the rescue below:

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