Dolphin Caught On Camera Jumping 10 Feet Out Of The Water

Anyone who’s ever spent some time along the coastline of Southern California has probably seen dolphins. These beautiful animals are quite majestic as they jump in and out from the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. They are often known to play around and surf the waves along the coastline. But recently there was one that launched itself out of the water – practically 10 feet into the air!

The very powerful stunt was captured on video by the crew at Newport Coastal Adventure on the 19th of August. They had just set our for one of their excursions when the bottlenose dolphin appeared. The marine mammal was quite playful in the water.

The Newport Beach charter company shared the clip from their boat trip with a note about how the clever dolphins will often accompany their boat during outings as they like to play in the waves that are created by the boat. They also noted that this particular dolphin was really feeling like doing some air aerobics by jumping out of the water. The dolphin ended up breaking the surface at 10 feet in the air several times – a sight that astonished all the people on board.

It is particularly impressive when you learn that dolphins are actually much larger than the average-sized person since they can measure 12 feet in length. On top of that, they can weigh in around 1,300 pounds, so the fact that they can make their jumps look so uncomplicated is really an incredible feat of nature.

As the Newport Coastal Adventure wrote, “actually seeing it with your own eyes is something these passengers will never forget.”

Hopefully those passengers enjoyed the beautiful display – it’s not something you get to see every day. Check out the flying dolphin in the clip below:

Have you ever seen a dolphin leap out of the water like that? Let us know!

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