Walk Your Dog Properly With These 7 Tips!

Poop Patrol

Pick up that poop! It’s rude to not clean up after your pet, and you won’t make any friends if you let your dog do their business in neighbors yards and don’t take care of it. Always bring something with you to clean up after your pet, like this handy waste bag dispenser!


This stylish dispenser straps easily onto your belt loop for easy access, and holds a whole roll of eco-friendly waste bags!

Focus On The Walk

Keep distractions to a minimum, especially when exploring new territory. Dogs can get easily distracted by other dogs, trash, cars, and whatever else may come your way. Keeping your attention on the walk, and your dog, will allow you to handle any obstacles with ease. Put down that phone and focus on your pet!

Know Your Limits

Just like humans, every dog is different. Some dogs can walk for three miles and still be ready for three more, while others get tired once around the block. Your pet’s age, size, and temperament will determine what they actually are capable of on a walk. Recognize your pet’s limits, and learn to read their signs. As always, consult with a veterinarian if you have concerns.

You can’t walk without this…

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