Walk Your Dog Properly With These 7 Tips!

National Walking The Dog Day is February 22nd! Celebrate by taking your dog on a walk.  Walking your dog is important for their physical and mental wellbeing. Make a daily walk a routine in your household. My daily stroll with my dog is the highlight of my day. I get the opportunity out and explore my neighborhood, and I get to spend quality time with my pup. Plus, the health benefits for both of us are great!

Learn to walk your dog properly with these tips!

Make The Time

Dogs need exercise! Plain and simple. Don’t let National Walking The Dog Day be the only reason you get out there! Thirty minutes a day of exercise is recommended as a minimum for dogs and humans alike. Whether it is in the morning, on your lunch  break, or after work, try to carve out a portion of your day to dedicate to walking your dog. Walking not only benefits them physically, it also give them an outlet to release pent up energy, and provides mental stimulation. Nothing good comes from a bored dog. When they have excessive energy and no available outlet to release it, they may look for other ways to release tension, such as destructive behavior. Walking them gives them a healthy way to release tension and energy.

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Safety First

You will undoubtedly run into neighbors and other animals during your walk, and your first priority should always be safety for both you and your dog. Just because your dog may want to make a friend, it doesn’t mean that the stranger dog has the same opinion. Don’t approach a dog you do not know without first asking the owner if they are ok with it. Walks are a great way to socialize and meet other dog owners, but do it with caution.

Speaking of other dog owners…

Help Rescue Animals

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