DogTV Available Nationwide: Keeping dogs interested, entertained, and relaxed

Having a hard time leaving your pooch home alone while you’re at work or out running errands for a few hours? Well, worry no more as what first debuted in 2012 in San Diego, DogTV is now available nationwide courtesy of Direct TV. Growing in popularity amongst dog owners, DogTV entertains, relaxes and comforts our dogs, so you won’t come home to a house destructed by an irritated barking pooch.

As millions of dogs are left home alone everyday, DogTV CEO Gilad Neumann feels that they’ve finally found a solution for dog parents who love their dogs just as much as they love their kids.

DogTV is set up from a dog’s point a view for a dogs point of view. Using colors that are muted and shaded towards the blues and yellows that dogs, visually see best. It’s like they’ve stepped into their own world right in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is turn on the tube, and your dog will be watching dogs wandering, barking, playing, and humans talking to dogs just like they’d talk to them.


“Dogs are not very cool being home all day by themselves when their parents go to work. They’ve got nothing to do, and boredom causes the destruction of the house and irritation and barking. It’s a real problem, and I thought we could try to help by leaving the TV on–but not just leaving the dog to sit and watch like a couch potato. That’s seriously not the idea,” said Ron Levi, founder and chief content officer of DogTV. “We want to try to use the television to entertain them and also relax them and make them feel better.”

Not only has DogTV proven to be beneficial for your furry house friends, but dog shelters have also found it as a good resource to calm dogs in their facilities, making them more appealing for adoption.

“Dogs at the Humane Society are usually begging to be out all day and being there is an unnatural environment for them,” said Veterinarian Dr. Patrick Males. DogTV gives these dogs who need to find a loving home, a more enriched environment and is better for their mental health, Males added.

Since it’s launch last year, DogTV now offers more than 800 programs that run about three to five minutes long. This is just about the attention span of any dog. So saddle up your pooch on your favorite recliner and hand over the remote, because all you have to worry about now is sharing TV time!

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