Hero Dog Finds Injured Cat And Barks Until Help Arrives

A sweet dog came upon an injured cat and instead of going about his business, he actually barked until help arrived. INCREDIBLE! It’s tragic to see an animal get hurt but to see another animal come to her aid is a beautiful thing!


Like so many animal lovers already know, pets are filled with emotion. They are in tune to the world around them, more so than certain humans! There have been dogs and cats that have saved their families from many situations, including fires and home invasions. But to save one another… Now, that takes the cake!


This pooch is NOT backing down until help arrives and something is done to help her. If you could caption his woofs, what do you think he’s saying? I’m so happy people finally listened and came to help. You have to watch the whole thing unfold, it’s truly amazing.

This video makes me love animals even more, if that were even possible!

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