Three Dogs Work Together To Steal Food Off The Kitchen Counter

There is a new viral video online and it shows dogs working as a team to get leftovers from the counter. The video was taken in Norway by professional dog trainer, Line Fatland Frøystad. After posting the video on Instagram last week, it exploded.

The video was shared by SWNS and showed Harley and Henry, 2 border collies, helping their best friend Hugo, a corgi, get up to the counter. That corgi is the fortunate recipient of a nice plate of leftovers.

According to SWNS, Frøystad said the corgi and border collies were raised together. Hugo was always trying to do everything his brothers would do so it was only natural for him to use their legs to make up for his short legs.

He happened to look over one evening after dinner and saw Hugo eating from the plate of leftovers while standing on the back of Harley and Henry. As soon as he got access, he “attacked” the food. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to share any of the food with his border collie brothers.

Photo: YouTube / SWNS

There was something funny going on at his house that day but he also saw some irony in what was taking place. He feels that the video has a good message, now that we are dealing with the coronavirus. We need to work together to achieve our goals and we can learn a lesson from these hilarious dogs.

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