New Trend Sees Owners Giving Their Dogs Mullets

Some people remember the mullets from the 80s, but they never truly went out of style.

The classic hairstyle features short hair in the front and on the sides, with longer locks in the back. It’s commonly referred to as “business in the front, party in the back!”

While mullets were largely out of mainstream style for quite a few years, they’ve definitely made a comeback as of late. In fact, the hairstyle isn’t even reserved for humans anymore! Some pet owners are opting to give their pups mullets and people are torn as to if it’s the best thing ever or downright wrong.

Photo: Instagram/flambrosia_salad

If nothing else, it’s hard to deny that the look is unique, to say the least. Perhaps it’s the uniqueness of the style on dogs that’s driving its popularity! There’s even a Facebook page for “Dogs with Mullets,” along with plenty of photos on social media.

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Check out some of the social media posts featuring dogs with mullets below:

Photo: Instagram/lukejohnson14
Photo: Facebook/Dogs with Mullets
Photo: Instagram/theblondebomberblog
Photo: Instagram/aboutbuzz
Photo: Instagram/funeralspirit
Photo: Instagram/theo_saurus_rex_pup

What do you think of the dog mullets? Would you style your dog’s hair that way?

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