Three Dogs Taste Test Different Human Foods

Everyone is a critic – especially when it comes to food. If you were to search for the hashtag “foodie” on social media you’d be bound to find a whole host of different accounts of people posting about their delightfully delicious adventures to different restaurants and bars.

Many of these accounts are more than likely aspiring food critics sharing their take on different dishes in their area. Personally, I love following different foodie accounts. It’s a great way to make discoveries about restaurants in your area or just get exposed to new flavor combinations, etc.

But I think it’s safe to say we’ve possibly found the cutest trio of food reviewers out there on social media. And they happened to be three German shepherds named Jade, Jasper, and Jet.

German Shepherd
Photo: Max Pixel

These three pooches are known on their social media page for testing out the array of different foods that their humans layout in front of them. From what we’ve seen, it doesn’t look like these three are particularly picky about their food.

In an adorable video, all three are sitting patiently behind a table waiting for their morsels. The smallest of the three, Jasper, seems a little unsure of what he’s supposed to be doing. But the other two, Jade and Jet, have no problem scarfing down what is put in front of them.

Jade the GSD
Photo: YouTube/Jade The Sable GSD

The video starts with a fried egg and all three seem to enjoy it – even if Jasper takes his time eating it.

Up next is ham. And to no one’s surprise, the slices disappeared as soon as they made contact with the table surface. Following that was cheese, lemon (icky!), asparagus, apple, green beans, and cranberries.

Dog Taste Test
Photo: YouTube/Jade The Sable GSD

With adorable reactions like these, we have no doubt this trio of cuties could make quite a name for themselves as social media foodies!

Check it out below:

What do you think of their food reviews? Would you watch more? Let us know!

You can keep up with the three furry food critics on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube!

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