Dogs Get So Excited Returning To Daycare For The First Time Since Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted public life to a degree that we have never seen before. Of course, while we were going through it, our four-legged friends were also going through major changes.

While many pets were excited to spend more time at home with their owners, some were also missing their doggy friends, like the ones they had at doggy daycare.

Some dogs in New Zealand were finally able to head back to doggy daycare and their reactions are so precious.

Photo: Pixabay

When Laken Richardson with Two Brown Dogs Doggy Daycare placed a camera by their front door, the reactions that they captured spoke volumes.

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These dogs were not at all flummoxed by the experience. In fact, they seemed pretty pleased to be back among their friends.

As one of the viewers put it, these animals could not make their way inside fast enough. It’s amazing how quickly the dogs seem to forget about their parents’ existence as soon as they arrive.

Photo: YouTube/Laken Richardson
Photo: YouTube/Laken Richardson

Quite frankly, it is easy to see how one of these pet parents might find themselves a little offended.

All jokes aside, we are glad to see that these dogs are getting back to their usual routine. It had to be hard for these animals to be cooped up in the house and away from all of their old buddies over the past year or so.

Watch the video below:

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