Dogs Rescued From Severe Neglect Need Your Help!

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On April 1, 2014, the Humane Society International – Canada (HSI – Canada) helped rescue 59 malnourished dogs and puppies in northern Quebec. Coming from a situation of severe neglect, these dogs were dehydrated, dirty, and scared. Visibly shaken and anxious, these dogs slowly began to trust the wonderful people at HSI – Canada.

This is the story of Blondie, sent to us by Ashley Caya of HSI – Canada:Dogs Rescued From Severe Neglect

We found Blondie (a blonde/tan lab mix) in one of the pens outside with several other dogs. Her condition was heartbreaking. Her fur was matted and dirty, and while all the dogs were noticeably scared and anxious, Blondie was especially fearful. She was too afraid to move. The lab mix cowered at the back of the outdoor pen while the others came running for the food we put out. I’m so relieved all these dogs are safe and warm at our emergency shelter and will soon have loving forever homes. As for Blondie, with a little human affection she began to overcome her fears. With her tail wagging, she slowly inched closer to us, gobbling up any food we gave her. Now she’s one of the most affectionate and gentle of all the dogs.There’s no doubt that she’s a wonderful soul!

Do your part to help other dogs like Blondie who are in desperate need! They may be out of those terrible conditions now, but the road to recovery doesn’t stop there. Rehabilitating these animals who have faced such terrible conditions will take time, money, patience, and love. You can help! Just $15 can help get these animals back on the right track. These animals deserve a better life than they have known! Help these animals recover and find their forever homes. Donate now.

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