Three Dogs Face Off With A Giant Stuffed Lion

Lions are seen as ferocious beasts who can strike fear in others. And apparently, even small stuffed animal replicas of lions can stop a pack of dogs in their tracks.

As one adorable video shows, a threesome of dogs was taken by surprise when they walked into a room.

The family of the dogs, who own Daughtry Farms, had brought home a dog-sized stuffed lion that they had placed in one of the rooms of their home. Being surrounded by farm animals, you’d think they’d be used to seeing new faces. However, that wasn’t the case.

Photo: Facebook/Dougherty Farms

As soon as the three pooches saw the new purchase, they had a moment of hesitation.

They weren’t sure what to do about the giant lion in the room. While the two pit bulls were terrified of the toy, it was the bulldog who put on a brave face and went to go investigate the potential threat.

Photo: YouTube/ViralHog
Photo: YouTube/ViralHog

As Dougherty Farms shared on Youtube, “Our English Bulldog, Sir Wellington, was a force of nature. In this video, he defends our two pit bulls from the ferocious stuffed lion we received for our baby shower. We rescued Sir Wellington when he was already old (8) and he gave us tons of laughs until he passed at 13. Eventually, we look forward to our next bulldog, but for now, the two pit bulls in the video are alive and well, safe from all lions.”

Watch the adorable video below:

What do you think of these dogs’ reactions? Have you ever experienced something similar with your own pets? Let us know!

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