Two Dogs Were Playing Fetch When Their Ball Fell In The Pool. What They Do To Get It Out Is Genius!

Dogs are extremely smart animals. Sometimes people don’t realize how smart they really are, but this video proves it!

These two dogs were playing fetch and their ball wound up in the swimming pool. They didn’t want to jump in after it and get all wet, so they came up with a genius plan to get the ball out.

Using their best teamwork, the bigger dog inches his way over the side of the pool to reach for the ball, while the smaller dog holds his tail in his mouth to keep him from falling in. Once he retrieves the ball, the other dog lets go of his tail. The video ends after that, but I’m sure they went right back to playing fetch again! Hopefully this time their ball doesn’t fall into the pool.

This is so smart and something that humans would do! The video is only seven seconds long, but it’s still long enough to watch and be amazed!

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