Does My Dog Know When I’m Lying?

It’s always interesting to speak to your dog. They look at you as if they understand every word coming out of your mouth.

Those expressions can put a smile on our face, but when we have to lie to our dog, it seems as if they pick up on it immediately.

Admittedly, most of us would never lie to our dog to be cruel, but rather, it could be anything from hiding something from them or perhaps even doing a fake throw during a game of fetch.

Photo: Unsplash

It might not surprise you to learn that dogs can tell when you’re lying, and researchers at Kyoto University in Japan say that dogs can tell if you are dishonest.

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In order to take part in this study, scientists started pointing to different containers while the dogs were present.

Photo: Unsplash

At first, they pointed to a container with food inside and the dog would run to it. Afterward, they would point to an empty container and the dog ran to it but found it did not have any food in it.

The third time they tried to get the dog to go to the empty container, it refused to go.

Photo: Pixabay

They say that dogs understand the consistency of pointing gestures by humans. They would demonstrate certain behavior, depending upon what happened directly before the event.

34 different dogs were used in the study that was repeated multiple times, and each time, it showed the same results. In other words, dogs are on to us and there’s nothing we can do about it.

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