Rescue Dogs Are Helping Others Get A Second Chance! You’ll Never Believe!

The devastating earthquake on the 25th of April rocked Nepal, and left it relying upon support from around the world. That support has recently come in the form of a team of rescue dogs and their handlers. Four of the six dogs on the rescue crew were rescues themselves, who were given second chances when they were taken from shelters and put into training at California’s National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. Five days after the earthquake hit, one of the dogs on the team was part of a search group that discovered a teenager who was trapped beneath the rubble of a fallen building.

These incredible dogs are an integral part of the search team at this point. Many of the victims who are still trapped under debris are likely unable to call for help. These dogs are trained to believe the people under the rubble have their toys, and are highly motivated to find them. Watch below to learn more about these amazing dogs and their heroic efforts!

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