Ever Hear That Dogs Improve Our Overall Health? Well, Guess What, Dog Videos Can Too!

Having a dog, or any furbaby, can greatly improve your health. Mental and physical. Studies show that hanging out with our dogs can make us laugh (mental health improvement), lower our blood pressure (physical health improvement) and help reduce stress (overall health improvement). Being a stress ball or an anger ball, as my kids call it, can do real damage to your overall being and isn’t it amazing that dogs can change that?

New studies are showing that watching dog videos can improve your health as well. WHOA! That’s incredible. Makes me feel (extra) good about my job knowing that I’m helping people feel a bit better during their day. So, dogs are even helping people that can’t have dogs as pets. Pretty amazing stuff!

Who wouldn’t want to wear a smile instead of a grimace? Playing with your dog(s) is sure to make you forget about that office drama or that annoying traffic jam you sat in earlier in the day. Dogs are good like that!

Personally, I don’t want a life without my dogs. They just make things so much better!

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