Watch Adorable Dogs Become Ultra-Creepy While Having A Nightmare

Dogs tend to act much differently when they are asleep. Even the sweetest pup that you know will completely change its disposition when it comes time for sleep.

It’s hilarious to watch, isn’t it? Our pups turn into zombies when they are asleep. We often find ourselves wondering what they are doing in their dreams because the way that they act is so funny to watch.

In the majority of instances, dogs happen to be the sweet and most adorable creatures. Perhaps sleepy time is their moment to let the inner beast come out and play? Either way, it is equal parts funny and terrifying for many of us.

Photo: Max Pixel

The freakiest moments of their sleep cycle tend to take place when they are clearly in the middle of a nightmare or a dream of some kind. That is when they end up with what we like to call “zombie eyes.” Their tongues will also start to protrude and they make the most bizarre noises that you can possibly imagine.

We do not know where any of this comes from, and to be quite frank, we are not trying to find out. At least they go back to normal when they first wake up!

Photo: YouTube/jduy

Our dogs revert back to their lovable selves every time, no matter how terrifying things may have seemed at first.

Tunika the dog might be frightening to watch when he is asleep but is still every bit as adorable as you would expect. While dreaming, his eyes turn blood-red and his tongue protrudes from his mouth.

Photo: YouTube/Ripintojas

It’s quite terrifying to watch his face convulse in the creepiest way possible, but he’s a sweetheart when awake!

Watch the video of him below:

Meanwhile, the other video focuses on the life and times of a sleeping Dachshund. The poor pup is clearly in the midst of a serious doggy nightmare.

If you would like to get right to the scary part, be sure to fast forward to the 1:42 mark of this video. This is certainly terrifying (but oddly easy to relate to) for any dog owner out there. Check out the video below:

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