Couple Gets Rid Of Dining Room Table To Give Their Dogs More Space

Welcoming a dog into your home is a big commitment. They’re part of the family, and they take up their own space in the home.

However, not all dogs are created equal and some pups require a lot more space than others! When Hannah and Noah Snyder decided to welcome a Great Dane into their home, they quickly realized they’d be needing to rearrange the house to accommodate its size.

They brought home Charlie first, a Great Dane with a gentle personality. Eventually, they adopted two additional Great Danes – a massive undertaking just given their size alone!

Great Dane
Photo: Pixabay/Pexels

Naturally, three Great Danes take up a lot of space and the Snyders made the decision to get rid of their dining room table and dedicate the whole room to their dogs. The pups needed more space, so they made a huge sacrifice to accommodate them.

In the former dining room, the dogs have an open space with a coach to call their own, and a door that opens into the backyard. Even with a room to call their own, they also take over the rest of the house on a regular basis.

In an interview with The Dodo, Hannah said, “We don’t have much of a home cause it’s filled with massive dogs.” Noah added, “They pretty much run the house.”

Despite the logistical challenges and sacrifices they’ve faced due to their three massive fur babies, they wouldn’t change things for the world. It’s clear that they love their dogs, and their dogs are their world.

When they got their furbabies, they weren’t planning to get three but as Hannah said, “We sort of go big or go home,” and that’s exactly what they ended up doing.

Watch the video below:

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