Dog’s Incredible Nose Can Detect Scents 98 Feet Under Water

We all know that a dog’s nose is a powerful thing. That is why many law enforcement agencies will use them to sniff out a variety of things such as drugs, missing people, explosives, cadavers, etc.

While most of these dogs work on land, it is possible for them to sniff out scents in water. In fact, some dogs like Fern, can detect a canister of meat that is out in a lake roughly 23 feet deep in mud and water.

Fern and her handler, Neil, made a demonstration video that shows off just how accurate her sense of smell can be.

Photo: YouTube / BBC Earth
Photo: YouTube / BBC Earth

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Search dogs such as Fern are trained in this manner in order to be able to find the bodies of people who might have drowned. As a result, these cadaver dogs can detect the scent of a deceased body up to 98 feet in water!

Photo: YouTube / BBC Earth

They manage to do it by sniffing out body parts as small as bone shards! That is quite impressive.

Watch Fern’s demo video below:

What do you think of Fern’s abilities? Aren’t dogs just the coolest? Let us know!

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