Dogs Can Learn New Tricks At Any Age

It’s been said that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but there are dog enthusiasts out there who are striving to put a hole in that theory. Babette Haggerty, veteran dog trainer to the stars, believes that with the right kind of training, any dog can learn a new trick – at any age.

Haggerty has a book titled “The Best Dog Tricks on the Planet” that boasts 106 stunts that you can teach your precious pooch. Some are basic obedience commands such as sit, stay, and lay down, while others play to a dog’s entertaining nature. Haggerty has taught dogs how to dance, play a piano, and even hit a baseball. Dogs can also be taught to do useful things around the house like get the newspaper, fetch your keys or leash, and sort laundry.

Picture of dog giving a high five

Often times, it is the owner that stands in the way of their dog’s success. Finding the right way to work with your dog, and figuring out the perfect learning chemistry between you two, is the  key in effortless training.

While some dogs are extremely treat motivated, others flourish with praise given at the correct times, motivating them to learn a new skill. Finding what works for your dog will make training a breeze.

As for the myth about older dogs not being able to learn new tricks, Haggerty says that dogs have the ability to pick up new skills no matter their age. She recently started working with a 9-year-old dog who has never had training, and she has no worries that she can get them doing basic commands in no time.

It’s no secret that dogs are smart animals, they have been known to detect seizures, screen for cancer, and perform many more impressive feats. Learning basic commands is the foundation to sculpting an obedient, respectful, and enjoyable family member. With a little time and patience, and the right frame of mind, your dog can learn amazing tricks and truly be an entertaining, lovable, and amazing addition to your life – at any age.


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