Dogs Act Extra Tough When A Fence Stands Between Them

There is an old expression that is not used very often; it is one that discusses “mending fences”. This expression comes from a time in which farmers would go around the edge of their property to fix any fence damage.

In doing so, they would often work side-by-side with their neighbors on the same fence. That is why mending fences is an appropriate saying that means to repair a relationship that has been damaged.

In the world where we live, it is often necessary to mend fences when we have a disagreement with others. We also realize that fences do more than bring people together, they often keep them apart.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

That is clear to see in an interesting video from Rayong, Thailand. The two dogs in the video are perfectly happy with each other but if they are separated by a fence, they began to bark and snarl aggressively.

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Photo: YouTube / Viral Hog

You might think that this was just an unusual occurrence that happened only one time, but the uploaded video shows that it happens over and over again. It seems as if these two dogs are ready to tear each other apart, but when the gate is opened, they suddenly quiet down and all seems right with the world.

Photo: YouTube / Viral Hog

Although there is a lot of debate over why the dogs are being so territorial, it doesn’t stop the fact that it is a hilarious video to watch.

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