When This Dog Realizes He’s At His Favorite Place, He Can’t Even Contain His Excitement!

Everyone can think of one place where they are extremely excited to go to. Mine just happens to be any place that has food. But for most dogs, it involves other dogs, a lot of space to run around in, and things to play with. Yes, the beloved dog park. We’ve shown you many videos before of dogs getting excited to go to different places — like this Pug who is so happy to be at PetSmart, and this pup who was ecstatic to go to the park – but this one surely takes the cake!

Scrattie and his owner are driving to the dog park, but his owner keeps where they are going a surprise. He doesn’t say a word to him as Scrattie curiously looks out the car window, wondering where they are going. As soon as his owner turns down the road that the dog park is on, Scrattie knows exactly where they are. He begins to shriek in excitement in the passenger seat, before eventually hopping onto his owner’s lap to thank him with a million kisses. He’s so happy, he can’t even contain himself! This is too cute and it makes me happy to see how happy Scrattie gets. Watch for yourself in the video below!

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