Tour Bus Takes Dogs And Humans Around City To Teach Canine History And Visit Popular Dog Parks

How cool would it be to go on a bus tour with your dogs around the city of London, learning about the historical connection to canines, and visiting the most popular dog parks? Well now, that tour actually exists!

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On the More Th>n Doggy Essentials tour, both human and doggy passengers can learn about the city’s lone dog cemetery, the corgis of Buckingham Palace, and the dog-related laws that have been passed in the House of Parliament. You can also visit the green of Kensington Palace, where Prince William and Princess Kate live with their two kids and their beloved cocker spaniel, Lupo. The bus also takes you to dog-friendly eateries and pubs.

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For now, the tour has lasted a few days to promote More Th>n, an insurance company that offers pet coverage. They used the tour as a publicity stunt to promote their new product, Doggyssenti>ls, which delivers poo bags, dog treats, flea treatments and a toy or shampoo to subscribers’’ doorsteps each month. It was cool while it lasted, but hopefully another tour similar will happen again soon!

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