Firefighters in Washington Save 115 Pups from Doggy Daycare Fire

A tragedy was averted as firefighters in Washington state rescued 115 dogs from a doggy daycare that started to burn after a dryer on the premises caught fire, according to Washington fire officials. The Seattle Fire Department quickly responded to The Dog Resort on Lake City Way in northeastern Seattle just before 11 a.m. on Wednesday, February 1, and discovered multiple canines trying to escape the smoke-filled building.

Fire personnel contacted the Seattle PD and animal control to assist in gathering the scattering dogs and stop them from running into roadways, they noted in a statement. Fortunately, nearby businesses concerned about the situation helped provide temporary shelter for the animals. Seattle news station KOMO News arrived and took aerial footage of the fire as it raged.

Photo: Pixabay/Katrina_S

Doggy Daycare

According to the news, seven people had to be evacuated, and paramedics on the scene treated a 19-year-old female. There was no immediate report on the reason for the treatment, but she was reportedly in stable condition and passed on going to the hospital.

As is standard protocol, the fire crew conducted a thorough search of the facility for any remaining pups. Four dogs reportedly suffered from smoke inhalation, and specialized oxygen masks were used to provide air while CPR was performed. The animals were then taken to a local veterinary hospital. The daycare later stated that all 115 doggy guests had been accounted for.

Photo: YouTube/KOMO News

Dryer Fires

Daycare workers then posted to Facebook that all of the dogs that had been in the facility were now at their second location, called BowWow Fun Towne. Fire investigators later determined that the fire had begun in a dryer and then spread to the back of the building. Early estimates for damage have reached approximately $300,000 in damage. While this is obviously a blow to the business, the important thing is that no people or animals were seriously injured or lost to the fire. There’s an accompanying video below.

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