Great Stocking Stuffers to Give Any Dog a Merry Christmas!

Everyone loves the holidays. Even when you complain about them while waiting in the check-out line for twenty-plus minutes, deep down giving gifts and bringing smiles to your loved ones' faces is worth any amount of hassle. However, there is one family member that often gets overlooked during these stressful times: your pup.

With so much hustle and bustle, it's far too easy for your dog to feel stressed and a little neglected. They've been wonderful all year long, shouldn't Santa drop them a bone as well? Make this Christmas extra merry with these wonderful stocking stuffers that will definitely being a smile to your dog's face!

bulldog at the Christmas tree 2015

Make Christmas a Time to Play

Stimulating your dog's brain is a vital part of keeping them happy, especially during the winter doldrums. While most dogs love a variety toys, not all of them offer the mental workout your dog needs.

The Animal Rescue Site Store offers a toy that's perfect for helping your pup work at those problem-solving skills, and rewards him or her for doing so.


They're small enough to fit in a stocking, and you can even interlock separate toys to make a more complicated toy! The Interlocking Puzzle Toy is a great way to keep the dogs entertained while the rest of the family is enjoying their new toys, too.

Give Your Heart for the Holidays

Your dog is your family. There is no question of that. This next gift will symbolize the love you feel for your dog, while giving her or him a constant reminder of your heart while you're away. Show off your love and good taste all at once!


The Always By Your Side heart necklace keeps thoughts of your pooch close to your heart, while your pup gets a matching I.D. tag that connects them to you. It's a gorgeous way to let everyone know where your heart really is — and a good way to keep your dog from wandering too far!

Put a Smile on That Face!

Try to not laugh too hard at the ridiculous smile this next idea will put on your dog's face, because this gift is as much for you as for your dog.


While your dog is always a source of levity around the house, and the Grinz ball will not only be fun for him, but continually hilarious for you! If you stuff it with treats, your dog's belly will smile too.

What do you plan to stuff in your dogs' stockings? Share your ideas in the comments!

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