Original ‘Doge’ Meme NFT Breaks Record And Sells For $4 Million

The original Doge meme just broke a record, selling as a non-fungible token for $4 million.

The iconic meme token pictures a Shiba Inu with a concerned expression. It’s a well-loved meme and was regularly shared over the Internet well before it became a form of currency.

Eventually, the Doge meme began to be sold as NFTs, making its way to popular trading platforms like Coinbase and Robinhood.

Photo: flickr/Дмитрий Шустов

While the meme is commonly referred to as ‘Doge,” it’s officially named Kabosu and was owned by Atsuko Sato – that is, until Sato listed it for auction on Tuesday, June 8.

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According to NBC News, auction bidder @pleasrdao ended up winning ownership of the Doge meme after bidding 1,696.9 Etheruem (a cryptocurrency). That’s around $4 million in USD.

Photo: very.auction

The auction bid made Doge the most expensive meme NFT in the history of the world.

Sato shared in a statement that the meme picture of Kabosu was a photo they took to update their blog. They said, “I take a lot of pictures every day, so that day was nothing out of the ordinary. Kabosu loves having her photo taken, so she was delighted to have the camera pointed towards her.”

Photo: Instagram/kabosumama

Sato never could’ve guessed what that one photo would turn into. They shared on Instagram, “Never in a million years would I have imagined the impact that my photoshoot of Kabosu would have on the internet.”

“It’s a moment that’s evolved and taken on a life of its own over the last decade—being shared millions of times and creating an entire community around the Doge meme,” they continued. It was then that they announced the auction of the official, original photoshoot as minted NFTs, but even then, it’s unclear if they expected such a reaction.

Photo: flickr/Forextime.com

Auction bidders @twodollahotdoge and @pleasrdao took up a bidding war for ownership into the millions until @pleasrdao won at that record-breaking $4 million.

The money won from the auction was donated to charity, which is only fitting since the Doge community is so big on doing good in the world.

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