What Every Dog Is Hoping Is Under The Tree

Christmas is just around the corner and presents are starting to appear under the tree. Dogs are part of the family and deserve a special gift too. If you are wondering what Fido would love to have, just take a look at the list below.

Dogs give us so much love and happiness. Fido has been good – or mostly good – all year, so reward him with a gift. You can make sure that Fido’s tail will be wagging on Christmas morning with any of the following gifts. Each purchase made through The Animal Rescue Site donates food to shelter dogs, so it is a gift that gives back.

For The Teething Puppy

Grriggles® Baby Bark Bone Dog Toy is perfect for puppies that are teething. The rubber bone and two rubber rings provide unlimited amount of gum stimulation and satisfies Fido’s need to chew. Give this as an appropriate item to chew, and save yourself some shoes.

Photos: The Animal Rescue Site

For The Avid Swimmer

Some dogs love swimming so much that they have to be manually removed. The moment they see a pond, river, or lake they leap in. To keep them safe give them an EzyDog® Doggie Floatation Device. This life vest has a built-in handle to use when Fido refuses to leave the water. The high quality materials will provide safety and comfort for your dog.

Photos: The Animal Rescue Site

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For The Traveler

Just the words “car ride”, cause most dogs to jump up with excitement. Keep Fido safe while traveling with The Dog is Good® Car Harness. This unique harness lets you bring your pampered pet along on road trips. This versatile harness, with a padded chest for comfort and a mesh layer for support, provides restraint for dogs in cars. There is a seatbelt attachment that clips onto a D-ring, to be used for security while driving.

Photos: The Animal Rescue Site

For The Senior

Senior dogs spend a lot of time napping. Keep them warm and comfortable during cold weather with the Slumber Pet™ ThermaPet™ Burrow Blanket. This pet blanket features layers of polyester and thermal lining to reflect your dog’s body heat, helping keep them cozy!

Photos: The Animal Rescue Site

For All Dogs

No dog will turn down a tasty treat like a Himalayan Dog Chew. Our dog chews are handmade in Nepal from yak and cow milk, making them deliciously digestible. Unlike rawhide, these treats are odorless and won’t stain carpets or upholstery. Hours of chewing enjoyment for your best friend.

Photos: The Animal Rescue Site

‘Tis the season for giving, so be sure to add Fido to your Christmas list. There are many more options for Fido and dog-lovers. You are sure to find a gift for everyone on your list. If you are looking to add to your family this holiday season, remember to adopt not shop.

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