Dog With A Sign Protests All The Annoying Stuff Humans Do

Humans aren’t the only ones with things to say. Animals also have their own opinions, but sometimes it’s up to their owners to help them out with the deliverance of their messages.

That is how the idea came about for the popular social media page, Dog with a Sign. As the name suggests, the page is dedicated to an adorably fluffy pooch named Baboy, or Babi for short.

The cute little canine is often photographed in different settings while holding up a protest sign – one that is usually heavily influenced by doggie cliches. They are absolutely hilarious!

Anyone who has ever owned a dog or at least spent a significant amount of time around a dog will instantaneously find some truth behind the funny sign

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It is so light-hearted and fun, it’s no wonder that the social media page has more than 190K followers, and is proving to be quite popular.

Photo: Max Pixel

According to AnimalScene, Babi’s owner, Caroline, stated that “the internet’s reaction has been pretty positive. It’s definitely reinforcing when people reach out and say the account made them smile.” Caroline added that Babi is a fun little pup who “loves learning new tricks, playing with her doggo friends, snuggling with Daddy, and of course, protesting.”

Check out some of our favorites below:

1. The Truth Stinks

Anyone with a dog is probably cringing knowing how true this statement is.

2. Maybe Stick to Roses

Good advice for other dogs…humans, not so much.

3. Our Place in a Dog’s World

And here is what they must really think of us.

4. Bad Habits

All dog owners are guilty of this one, but in our defense, our pets are just too cute not to photograph them while asleep.

5. Ultimate Frenemy

It’s a rivalry for the ages.

What do you think of the signs from Dog with a Sign? Are any of these true to your dog as well? Let us know!

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