Don’t Let Your Dog Sleep Away the Winter! These 5 Tips Will Keep Any Dog Busy

2. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

When you and your dog are stuck inside on an especially cold day, it might be a good time to teach your dog a new trick. It’s a great way to exercise both of your brains, while keeping your minds off the freezing tundra outside — and having a new trick in the repertoire is always exciting!

Dog Trick

3. Get or Build a New Toy

Dogs can play with just about anything. The trick is finding something that will keep your dog busy, and something that he or she will truly enjoy. You can make a rope toy by tying old socks or t-shirts together (but make sure you’re removing any small pieces to keep your dog from swallowing them), or turn a water bottle or paper towel roll into a fetch toy.

Alternatively, you could purchase a more complex toy to keep your pup occupied. The Animal Rescue Site Store offers a unique interactive puzzle toy just for dogs — the Slide N’ Seek will keep your dog busy for hours!

Slide N Seek

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