You Won’t Believe These Incredible Canine Weight Loss Transformations

We love pampering our furry friends with treats they love. But as you’ll see below, sometimes these indulgences can get out of hand. In fact, overfeeding can even be considered a form of neglect.

Happily though, with the guidance of loving owners, these dogs’ unbeatable spirits enabled them to bounce back despite huge odds. It’s hard not to be inspired by their incredible transformations!

 Scroll down for a video to help determine whether your dog is overweight.

1. Dennis the Dachshund

Less than two years ago, Dennis weighed 56 pounds and could hardly walk. His owners had been feeding him White Castle burgers, pizza and other human indulgences. That’s when Brooke Burton adopted him and started a new health regimen to give him a better life. It didn’t take long for Dennis to undergo dramatic weight loss, but his body wasn’t all that changed. According to Brooke, “In the beginning, you could tell he was very depressed… After he lost weight, this bossy little demanding man popped out.”

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2. Pug Sisters

pug-horzSunny and Rosie are two adorable pug-sisters who, when left with a too-loving relative, were fed a few too many treats. In just a short time, they put on so much weight that their lives were in danger. When they were brought to Pug Nation of Los Angeles, they weighed a whopping 30 pounds each. However, thanks to the help of their caregivers, Sunny and Rosie have a very happy ending. See their moving story here.

3. Kale Chips the Beagle


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Kale Chips weighed 85 pounds when his owner turned him over to a Chicago-are animal rescue in January 2014. When Kale Chips was picked up from Chicago Animal Care and Control on Jan. 6, he was morbidly obese and could barely walk 10 feet. The dog went to live with a foster family through a local dog rescue, who helped him get back to a healthy weight. He can now walk about half a mile per day and and is on track to lose 25 more pounds. Once Kale Chips eventually gets back in shape, shelter staff will find him a new home.

4. Alfie the Lab

lab2-horzAlfie, a 12-year-old Labrador from Britain, weighed a whopping 176lbs when he was signed over to the RSPCA (Britain’s animal cruelty prevention charity). The weight gain came after his elderly owner, who suffers from dementia, repeatedly forgot the pup had already been fed. But happily, after 6 months on a calorie-controlled and strictly treat-free diet, Alfie lost more than 60lbs!

Worried your dog might be overweight? There’s a fine line between pudgy and dangerously plump. Check these vet recommendations to find out where your pup weighs in.

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