Dog Saves Her Family After Warning Them Of A House Fire

If you have a dog in your life, you already realize that dogs can do some awesome things.

Every dog has its own personality and it doesn’t matter if they are a lap dog, a guard dog, or just a dog that is welcome in any part of your home, they bring more to our lives than most of us realize.

It seems as if you can add something else to the list, thanks to a one-year-old poodle named Prada. This dog is more than a member of the family, according to the Orange County fire rescue, she is a true hero. They shared her story on Twitter, recounting how she saved the day.

Photo: Twitter/@OCFireRescue

They explained, “No injuries reported, but this 4 legged hero, Prada, saved the day. She alerted her owners via their Ring camera that there was a problem as she was the only one in the house at the time of the fire.”

According to Click Orlando, Nestor Gonzalez said that they heard the motion alert going off on the security camera at home. When they looked in, they saw their dog barking in the kitchen and it didn’t take long before they realized something was wrong.

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Photo: Twitter/@OCFireRescue

Within 30 minutes, the ring camera had gone off again and when they looked at the footage, they saw that everything was smoky and cloudy inside of the home.

Gonzales and Ledezma, who live in the home rushed to the residence quickly. They knew that the house was on fire but they were more concerned about Prada, to make sure that she was okay.

Photo: Twitter/@OCFireRescue

Thankfully, she is doing just fine, even though her white coat was a little gray as a result of the soot.

Fortunately, the family is safe but it is going to take about six months before they are able to fix the home and get back to life as normal. Nobody is really sure why the fire occurred, but firefighters do think that it started in the kitchen.

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