Dog Takes His Human ‘For A Walk’ With The Leash Clipped To Her Belt Loop

Dogs are just too precious sometimes. They all get excited about going for a walk, and while most of them walk on a leash, there is one silly Labrador retriever who doesn’t walk on a leash.

Instead, he is the one taking the lead, quite literally.

Ollie is the adorable little pooch who takes his owner for a walk. Unlike most dog owners, she’s not the one holding the leash, she leaves that responsibility to Ollie.

Photo: Piqsels

Thankfully, he is such a good boy that he is more than happy to grab ahold of the leash. What his owner does, is she takes off his leash and puts the clip to her belt loop.

Photo: TikTok/good.boy.ollie

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That is when she hands it off to Ollie, and he gently takes the lead.

Photo: TikTok/good.boy.ollie

It’s evident that he absolutely loves being in charge and taking his owner for a walk. How cute is that?

Watch the video below:

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