Dog Walking On Hind Legs Like Human

For so many of us, pets are like family, and we often treat them like they’re human.

And, let’s be real — some of us like our pets more than we like most humans.

Sometimes dogs act like humans, too. The way they sit when they’re tired and lazy, with their back curved into the couch, slouching over their front paws? Totally sitting like a human.

Photo: Facebook/Metro

We teach them tricks like “shake” and “bow” and “speak.” We say they have human emotions, too, calling them out as looking “guilty” when they’ve done something wrong, or “happy” when they’re panting, mouth wide open, tongue out.

We dress our pets up in t-shirts or costumes, and lose our minds over how cute it is. We let them into our beds and allow them to take up all the space they like. We allow them to stretch out on our laps and don’t dare move for fear of disturbing their sweet slumber.

Some of us even refer to them as a “brother” or “sister” of our actual human children.

Photo: Facebook/Metro

But some dogs take their humanness to a whole other level.

Take the dog in this video.

Perhaps she sees a squirrel, or another dog, or some unidentifiable thing that pulls all of her attention.

She sees the very important thing and pulls on her leash hard enough that she’s propped herself up on her back paws. But instead of continuing to lunge forward, she’s pulling just hard enough to say propped up. She steps in place for a moment before she and her owner move forward.

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Photo: Facebook/Metro

But instead of dropping back down on her front paws, she moves forward like a human!

She somehow looks distinguished and ladylike as she hurries forward, her back straight and her feet lifting high off the ground.

“Why?” Her owner laughs behind the camera. “She’s a human! She’s a human!”

He picks up speed and practically prances, hurrying forward to the very important thing that we can’t see!

Photo: Facebook/Metro

It’s pretty awesome. (With the harness that she’s wearing, she’s not in danger of choking as she’s pulling forward.)

Take a look in the video below.

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