Little Dog Uses The Filter To Exit The Pool Whenever He Wants

Anyone whose been around dogs know how incredibly smart they can be. Just like humans, they’re able to problem-solve and have some sense of reason.

For one small dog, he used his problem-solving abilities to figure out how to exit the pool all on his own!

Some dogs struggle when exiting the pool. Many pools come equipped with a simple stair exit and it can tricky for dogs to figure out while treading water. Some tiny dogs may even be incapable of exiting that last step without a lot of effort.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As it turns out, for small dogs there may be a new option for exiting the pool, as the dog in the video below demonstrated.

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In the video, you can see the tiny pooch enjoying a nice swim in a pool. When he’s ready to exit, instead of heading for the stairs or edge of the pool, he swims for the filter!

Photo: YouTube/Pets Addicted

The small dog actually swims through the filter system, which allows him to pop up onto the edge of the pool and walk around to the deck.

Photo: YouTube/Pets Addicted
Photo: YouTube/Pets Addicted

It seems this way of exiting the pool allows the dog to swim on his own time, without needing anyone’s assistance. How clever!

Watch the video below to see the exit strategy in action:

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